A Checkerboard Card is made from a simple folding technique. You will need two small sheets of different, but complementary background (patterned) paper and a glue stick--that's it! Then with a few quick folds, you'll be done.


1. Cut two complementary colors of background paper to 4" x 8". (the directions that follow are based on background paper with one patterened side and one blank or "white" side)
2. Lay one piece, white side up, in front of you with the 8" at top and bottom and the 4" at the left and right.
3. Fold the left side in 2", then the right side in 2" (they should meet in the center). Crease and unfold. Do this to the second sheet
of background paper.
4. With each piece unfolded, the white side still facing up, you will see the shape of a square in the middle of each sheet. Place one sheet on top of the other, aligning these squares. Make sure the creased flaps are sticking out perpendicular to each other so that you have before you a sort of 'plus-shape'. With the papers in this orientation, glue one square area on top of the other--still with the white sides of BOTH sheets facing up. Make sure you get glue only on the square area in order to leave the flaps clear and free.
5. Now pretend you have stuffed a bunch of outgrown baby clothes in an old moving box and you want to close the box, but not permanently. Remember that trick where you fold each flap of the box over the next and then on the last flap you have to sort of bend the flap to tuck it under and complete the pattern? That's what will happen as you pull each of the flaps down on top of the white square in the center of these glued-together background papers. By folding that way, you will have 4 "squares" of alternating patterns showing on the front of your Checkerboard Card!
6. You can open up the card and stamp in coordinating colors on that white area inside. For embellishment, especially if there is a gap in the center when all your flaps are closed, stamp a matching image on cardstock to go over that spot. You can use velcro to adhere that image so the card can be opened and closed repeatedly. As an alternate or additional embellishment, use ribbon to close it. See-through ribbon gives an elegant look.


- To change the size of your card, use this simple formula: cut your paper twice as long as it is wide.
- You can use this Checkerboard as a card itself, or you can use it as a container for small, flat gifts like stickers, coupons or gift certificates.
- Try using complementary solid colored papers instead of patterned paper. Or for a totally see-through look, try using vellum!
- You can also use plain typing paper and stamp a pattern on one side of each sheet with complementary roller wheel designs.
- If you don't want to decorate the flaps on the inside, consider just sponging them with a complementary color.
- Once you understand the concept of this pattern, try this: take an 8 x 8 inch square of plain white paper and cut out a 2 inch square from each corner. You will see the same 'plus' shape as when you glued the two separate pieces together the first time. You can then stamp or roller wheel any pattern or combination of patterns directly on each area! Experiment to get the personalized result you want.

Happy Stampin'!