A Petite Pocket Purse is nothing more than an envelope folded with gussets to allow it more room inside when opened. (Very similar to the Bagalopes--a previous project.) You can decorate it with some girlie or lacey stuff before folding, and attach a string or cord for the strap of the purse. Little girls love them and you can stuff party favors in them!


On your first try, follow these directions to understand the folding. After that, you will see what areas will show and get an idea of what and where you would like to stamp. At that point I suggest stamping the envelope first and then doing the folding so that the creases do not interfere with the quality of the stamping.

1. Take a card-sized envelope and lay it in front of you with the flap facing up. Do NOT seal the envelope.
2. Fold up the bottom, as well as the right and left sides of the envelope, in toward the center about 1/4" to 1/2". Fold both forward and back to strengthen the crease.
3. Open the envelope and put your hand into it to open it up a bit. The side gussets you just created will both fold inward, and the bottom should stretch out flat. You will end up with two triangle shapes at the bottom corners. Fold those under and tape to the bottom. Your creation should look somewhat like small, short grocery bag with a flap--or a petite purse!
4. You can then take a small hole punch and make holes in the top corners and string ribbon or cording through to make a purse strap.


- These purses look darling when stamped in lace or victorian styles.
- Incorporate real lace glued on the edge of the "purse" flap and buttons glued to look like purse closures.
- Use hole reinforcers to keep the purse strap from ripping through so easily.
- Try making your own envelope by folding wallpaper or card stock, then make your Petite Pocket Purse from that.
- Party favors that might fit well in the purse include stickers, gummi treats...or...small STAMPS!

Happy Stampin'!