These are some helpful beginner stamping resources...


Rubber Stamp Book 1

The Art of Rubber Stamping by Michele Abel:
This book cost me $16.95, and was a great asset when basic rubber stamping information couldn't be found so easily online. Even now, if you need to have something beside you on your craft desk, this handy guide will help you navigate the basics! There are no full color samples, but there are plenty of sketches to give you the visual references you might need.

Rubber Stamp Book 2

Rubber Stamping-Beyond the Basics by Michele Abel:
This book also cost me $16.95. Once you master the basics of stamping, this book is a perfect segueway into more advanced stamping techniques and toys! I highly recommend it. It is written very simply and has lots of visual aids. There is a full color section in the middle of the book showing samples of stamped cards.